May 25, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • “Come & Go Sheltered-in Meditation Retreat” this weekend and special events next weekend
  • “Thinking more carefully about thought” by Kim Allen

May 18, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • Message from our Guiding Teacher
  • Abiding in refuge: A come & go sheltered-in meditation retreat
  • Meeting emotional suffering with awareness with Shane Hill

May 11, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • Message from our Guiding Teacher
  • “We need to fight Coronavirus with compassion” by the Dalai Lama
  • “COVID-19 Era as the Era of Care” by Gil Fronsdal and “Happy Hour: Feeling Connected While Social-Distancing” by Nikki Mirghafori

May 4, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • “These are the highest blessings” – From the Maha Mangala Sutta, by Bob Stahl
  • COVID19: “Layers of Refuge” and “The Past has been Left Behind, the Future Has Not Been Reached” by Kim Allen

April 27, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • Message from our Guiding Teacher
  • “Keeping our heads above the water” by Bob Stahl

April 20, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • Three ways to tap into the wisdom of the body by Linda Graham (Developing resilience as we shelter in place)
  • New changes to teacher dana

Ginko tree

April 13, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • Dawn of Dhamma by Kim Allen
  • The Bodhisattva response to Coronavirus by J Kornfield


April 6, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • Living with Wisdom in Times of Uncertainty by Bob Stahl
  • Nature by Kim Allen

Ocean and yoga pose

March 30, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • ISC Expands “Caring for our Sangha”
  • Weekly Dhamma: Transforming Fear with Love by Bob Stahl
  • Creating a Home Retreat

March 23, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

  • ISC Launches Weekly Newsletter
  • Sangha Launches Online Sit Schedule via Zoom
  • Weekly Dhamma: Meeting Reality by Kim Allen

March 2020 Newsletter

  • Caring for the Health of Our Community
  • Seeing Clearly: Photography as Mindfulness Practice
  • Meditation as a Path to more Meaningful Relationships
  • Your Generosity Makes a Difference

Thank You

February 2020 Newsletter

  • Sangha Generosity Exceeds Annual Fundraising Goal
  • Year-to-Live Class Inspires “A Flash of Fire”
  • Deepen Your Practice on Sundays

Buddha praying

January 2020 Newsletter

  • How Do We Begin Anew?
  • The Dhamma of Identity
  • Updates to the ISC Website