Walking the Dhamma Path

Gingko leaves on the ground

Walking the Dhamma Path are traditional Buddhist teachings offered for those seeking to deepen their practice. Check the program listing in the calendar below to learn when these classes will be offered next.

  • Buddhism 101. A general introduction to the basic teaching of the Buddha.
  • Eightfold Path Program with Mentoring. The Buddha’s most explicit path of practice. A ten-month program that usually starts in September.
  • Integrating Dhamma. A program for experienced students who wish to practice a way of life.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness. An introductory program on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Retreats. Retreats are an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in meditation practice. Insight Santa Cruz regularly offers a Residential Retreat in late Fall and a Come-and-Go retreat over the Memorial Day weekend.
  • 32 Parts of the Body. A meditation rarely taught in the West. More information can be found here.
  • Sutta Study. Read and reflect upon the suttas.

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