Caring for the Sangha

Insight Santa Cruz seeks to extend the support of our community to those in need. If you or someone you know is living with health or other life challenges, Insight Santa Cruz Caring for the Sangha volunteers can offer support in the following ways:

  • Weekly home visits or phone calls
  • Sitting and meditating with someone unable to visit the center
  • Running simple errands
  • Providing a meal
  • Offering a ride to and from ISC

To request a volunteer, or if you are interested in volunteering for this important service, please contact our Caring for Our Sangha Coordinator, Maria Mead, by email at

Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy Support Network

Today there are many in the community impacted by social and ecological disconnection, disruption, and trauma. The Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy Support Network has offered to the Insight Santa Cruz community one-on-one support with a Buddhist Eco-Chaplain to help with emotional and spiritual difficulties such as dealing with experiences of grief, disorientation, and anger.

Buddhist Eco-Chaplains are graduates of the Sati Center’s year-long 2019-2020 eco-chaplaincy training program. Eco-chaplains offer experience-based activities and contemplative practices that deepen individuals’ relationships with the natural world, as well as provide spiritual care, helping others face contemporary environmental crises with wisdom and compassion.

To request support, community members are invited to fill out this Google Form and a volunteer from the Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy Support Network will be in touch within a week. Sessions will occur by phone, videoconference, or in-person and will be confidential. Information will not be shared outside the network.