Mission and Diversity Statements

Mission Statement

The mission of Insight Santa Cruz is to support anyone interested in the path of awakening and liberation through mindfulness and loving-kindness. To support this mission, Insight Santa Cruz offers a variety of classes and practice opportunities that help cultivate wisdom and compassion, inspired by the Theravada Buddhist tradition.

Insight Santa Cruz teachers provide guidance, support, and inspiration to develop:

  • Integrity (ethical living)
  • Steadiness of mind (concentration)
  • Insight into the causes of suffering and the path to freedom (wisdom)

Insight Santa Cruz and its teachers charge no fees and are solely sustained through generosity and volunteer support. This model of service and generosity “awakens and gladdens” the heart and has deep roots in ancient Buddhism.

Diversity Statement

Insight Santa Cruz welcomes everyone. We respect and support all people, no matter their ethnic origin, race, gender, cultural background, socio-economic class, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical ability. What we all share is the intention to grow in mindfulness and compassion, and to lessen suffering.

May the awareness of the needs of diverse communities continue to be recognized and to grow in our center. 

May we, to the best of our ability, take actions that eliminate cultural, racial, ethnic, economic, and physical barriers to practice.

May we heal the experiences of separation. May we all know the commonality of our nature, for the benefit of all beings everywhere. May all beings dwell with peace.

– Inspired by the Spirit Rock Mission Statement and Spirit Rock Statement of values