Visitor Feedback

  • So happy the center is reopening!
    See you soon….
  • Opening Center
    The risk level has been lowered, and mask requirements cancelled (or, moved to optional). It is a privilege and very supportive to meditate with others in person. I would like to participate at the center (in person). When might reopening happen?
  • Can we be together outside?
    Dear Sangha, I’ve been participating in a lot of zooms- class, event, retreat, and want to express that I just want to be in actual physical proximity to people in my sangha again. Once in awhile? Sometimes? Could we meet in a park ? I expressed this to one teacher recently, who may look into it. When I saw the notice re Oct 2 all day with Abayaghiri monk, I got excited and then noticed that it would be on zoom. Yes, better than not having it, for sure! I agree that we need to keep each other safe … Read more
  • Thank you for reintroducing me to Tara Brach
    Hello, I attended the 12pm Zoom sitting yesterday, Thursday 9/30. I’m coming back to my practice after a long break from an inconsistent practice to begin with. I’m sorry to say I don’t remember the name of yesterday’s facilitator, but I wanted to thank her so much for encouraging me to revisit Tara Brach’s work. I’ve been aware of her concept of Radical Acceptance for a long time but I didn’t really understand it. After our facilitator suggested that Tara’s teachings might be supportive as I re-engage with my practice during a time of transition in my life, I … Read more
  • Introducing shared feedback by website visitors
    Our shared feedback open ‘blog’ is an experiment. Leaving a message by filling in a form lets the ISC community at-large a way to know how folks feel about the center, the offered programs, website, or anything else for that matter.The feedback will be reviewed before posting on the website, making sure that the content is appropriate.We look forward to seeing how this works for the community. Thanks

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