Financial Statements

2020 full year financial graphic
2020 full year financial graphic

Income and Expenses for 2020

Insight Santa Cruz is a volunteer-based, non-profit operating with a minimal amount of administrative infrastructure. Donations fully support Insight Santa Cruz.

Although the physical center was closed since March 2020 due to COVID-19, donations exceeded expenses in 2020 by 3.6%, thanks to the generosity of ISC members.

ISC received a Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Recovery Small Business Assistance Grant in 2020. The support from the CARES grant significantly helped maintain ISC’s income aligned with expenses.


The six expense categories are:


The Teachings category has reached a sunset phase. Going forward ISC will not have significant activity in the reported Teachings expense category.

Support for the Guiding Teacher is reported under Payroll.


The Payroll category includes payroll processing fees and wages for the Guiding Teacher. The Guiding Teacher was designated an employee to be in full compliance with the new 2020 California AB5 employment law. The Guiding Teacher remains eligible to receive gifts from sangha members.


Insight Santa Cruz is located in The Galleria in downtown Santa Cruz. This space is rented on a multi-year lease. The Galleria rent is the only component in the category. Rent expenses had a one-time reduction in 2020 due to a delay in benefiting from a 2018-2019 property tax exemption. 2019-2020 and beyond property tax exemptions are now applied on-time.


Insight Santa Cruz carries the required insurance policies.


Insight Santa Cruz occasionally contracts for short-term professional services. In 2020 Professional services were enlisted to address impacts due to new California legislation.


The Operations category contains everything else that is not covered in the prior five categories. The Operations sub-categories along with their respective Operations percentages are:

  • Mailing/emailing software (6%)
  • Fundraising expenses (2%)
  • Other charitable contributions (28%)
  • Licenses, permits, and taxes (21%)
  • Physical operational expenses (27%)
  • General office expenses (5%)
  • Website expenses (8%)
  • Postage/PO box (4%)

2020 Achievements

Some of the major highlights from 2020:

  • Insight Santa Cruz successfully moved its full complement of classes, programs, and retreats to an all-online venue.
  • ISC increased its level of communications to the sangha with all community meetings, more newsletters, and user polls.
  • A new website was built and launched which provides enhanced functionality on multiple devices and an updated look.
  • A video channel on YouTube now provides access to recorded classes.
  • Additional donation methods that align with using mobile apps were added. The percentage spent on processing fees have been reduced.


Because of our volunteer network, ISC is able to operate with an incredibly low level of operational expenses while successfully growing the organization. We are grateful for this and are always on the lookout for volunteers with specialized skills and the desire to engage in helping ISC. Without the invaluable help of committed volunteers responsible for the operations of the organization, Insight Santa Cruz would not be able to exist in its present form.

Dana and donations help ISC provide the teachings of loving-kindness, compassion, and mindfulness to the Santa Cruz community and beyond.