Insight Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Sustaining Annual Fund Drive

“Meeting the Moment” 2021-2022 Sustaining Annual Fund Appeal

Please Donate or Pledge Today

Insight Santa Cruz receives much of its support from the community at this time of year. We typically conduct an annual appeal that strives to meet the next year’s costs of the center in dana received as donations and promised through pledges.

The generosity of our donors has allowed ISC to grow over the past three decades, without charging for our programs. Your donation, at any level, is deeply inspiring, greatly appreciated, and continues that tradition.

The past year, in response to the global pandemic, our sits and programs have principally been offered using Zoom, while we continue to hold a lease on the physical center. Your donation is critical now for us to continue to offer meditation programs to the community in person and virtually.

We invite you to join with others in donating to the “Meeting the Moment” Annual Fund Appeal and help reach our $89,000 goal.

If you have any questions, please contact ISC Generosity Team Leader Cris Tulloch by email.

Please use the interactive form below to make a new donation, or to make a pledge. The form asks only three questions to direct you to either the donating or pledging page. You can go back and change your answers on the form at any time.

Meeting the Moment