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  • JD Doyle
    JD Doyle

    JD Doyle is a graduate of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Teacher Training, the Community Dharma Leader training, and the Dedicated Practitioner Program. In 1995, JD began studying and practicing Buddhism at Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock and continued with extensive retreat practice in Thailand and Burma in the Theravadan lineage. JD is a Core Teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center in Oakland, CA, and teaches at sanghas in the Bay area and across the US. For over twenty-three years, they worked as a public-school teacher. JD holds a BS in Environmental Studies from Cornell University, a bilingual multicultural teaching certificate from UC Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Language and Literacy and Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico.




Oct 17 2020


Pacific Time
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Uprooting the Conditions for Suffering: Building Anti-Racist Communities series canceled

This event series has been canceled

This 6-month course is for the white community to explore how conditioning shapes us individually, collectively, and systemically, which contributes to and perpetuates racism and white supremacy culture. This course will be rooted in the Dhamma and we will gain insight into how conditioning and fabrications of self and other cause individual and collective suffering. As white practitioners, we will explore the legacies of the impact of implicit and explicit racism towards those who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Using the Buddhist teachings, together we will work to uproot the delusions of separation, and to nurture practices that foster liberation for all beings.

Over the course of 6 months, we will develop supportive learning communities where we will engage in deep conversations, reflective inquiry, and meditations, to explore our racial conditioning as white people. We will increase our awareness of how our conditioning contributes to systems and habits that perpetuate injustice. Together, we will turn toward the complex and challenging experiences of racial injustice as we utilize our practice to uproot suffering, both internally and externally. Through this practice, we will learn to increase our stamina for sustained wise action.

Course Structure

We will have monthly large group online classes, which will be followed by small support/study groups for 6 months from October 2020 through March 2021.

Course Schedule

Six large group classes, one per month on Saturday for 3 hours from 2:00 – 5:00.

Class Dates are on the following Saturdays:
October 17, November 14, Dec 5, 2020, January 9, February 6, and March 6, 2021
All meetings will be offered via Zoom.

Five Support/Study Group meetings will occur, one between each large group class. Support/Study groups last about 1 ½ to 2 hours and consist of 3-4 people. The purpose of these smaller groups is to provide opportunities for further discussion of the themes covered, in order to deepen learning and integrate understanding into one’s daily life. The dates and times of the Support/Study group meetings will be determined based on the day and time preference of participants and announced prior to the first class.


In order to create a racial affinity group of engaged practitioners, we ask that participants self-identify as white, are connected to ISC or another meditation center, attend all 6 sessions of the course, complete homework between sessions, and participle in a support/study group, and maintain a daily meditation practice. These requirements are described in the registration form.

Preregisitration is required for this course. Please register before Saturday, October 10th. Please provide registration information here.

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