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  • James Morrison
    James Morrison

    Ajahn James Morrison was a Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest Tradition for over 30 years. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Eastern Religious studies, he lived in Thailand undergoing intensive training in meditation. Living a life of austere simplicity, he practiced and trained with many of the most famous Buddhist masters of the modern era. During his time as a monk, James founded a monastery, wrote numerous books and articles, translated teachings and lectured internationally. James has now retired from his life as a monk but is continuing to teach the Dhamma that he inherited from his teachers.


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ΞMeditation Hall


May 29 2024


Pacific Time
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


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Insight Santa Cruz warmly welcomes Ajahn James Morrison’s return to teaching in person. Ajahn James, formerly known as Ajahn Chandako, has offered teachings many times at ISC. He has returned post-COVID to offer our community the benefit of his many years of practice and teaching in the Thai forest tradition.

This event will include a sit, talk, and discussion with the teacher.

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