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  • Dawn Neal
    Dawn Neal
    Guiding Teacher

    Dawn Neal, Guiding Teacher of Insight Santa Cruz, has devoted several years to silent retreat. She has an MA in Theravāda Buddhist studies, and professional experience as an interfaith spiritual care counselor (chaplain). Her practice includes ordaining in Burma, where she was authorized to teach Buddhist practice through the lens of Mettā.
    Dawn has been teaching meditation since 2010. She serves as a teacher at IMC, and as core faculty for the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies Online Chaplaincy Training. She is also in the final stages of Dharma Teacher training with Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella. For her wider teaching activities, please see http://www.liberatingdharma.org/teaching-schedule.


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ΞMeditation Hall


May 04 2024


Pacific Time
9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Silent Insight Meditation Daylong

More intensive periods of formal meditation practice are excellent opportunities to unplug from technology, deepen our practice, and build momentum. Please join Dawn Neal for a daylong silent Insight Meditation retreat.

The day will include lightly guided and silent meditation, through alternating periods of sitting and walking, and one or two short Dhamma reflections by the teachers. This daylong retreat is suitable for experienced practitioners, as well as practitioners who have completed an intro to mindfulness meditation course or the equivalent. Some sign-up slots will be available to discuss your practice privately with one of the teachers.

Bring your own lunch.

Please return to the calendar to join an online session or learn of any schedule updates.

Attend either online or in person at the Meditation Center. If you choose to attend in person, we request that you not use any fragrance. This protects the health of our sangha members who have a sensitivity to fragrance

Online Attendance Instructions:

Online Meeting ID: 853 4355 2582

Dial-in Passcode: 287846

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