Teachers and Facilitators

  • G Schulz
    G Schulz
    Community Teacher

    G Schulz began practicing insight meditation in 2003 after attending his first retreat in Thailand. Looking for a spiritual home, he became involved with ISC shortly after his return to Santa Cruz. G has participated in many retreats since 2003, both at home and abroad. He has also completed a teacher training program led by Bob Stahl, the Noble Path Program led by Carla Brennan and the Spirit Rock Dedicated Practitioner Program. G is currently participating in the Spirit Rock Advanced Practitioner program.

  • Jace Freyman
    Jace Freyman
    Community Facilitator

    Jace Freyman, MHRS, is a trans-identified Dharma practitioner. They’ve been a sangha member and dedicated volunteer at Insight Santa Cruz for the past three years. They completed a year-long community facilitator training program under Bob Stahl, and have been mentored by teachers G Schulz and Kim Allen.

  • Jules Rodriguez
    Jules Rodriguez
    Community Facilitator

    Jules Rodriguez is a chiropractor, massage therapist and mindfulness teacher who has been practicing Vipassana meditation since the 1980s. She completed the Trained Mindfulness Facilitation program through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center in 2018. She has studied extensively and attended retreats with George Haas of Mettagroup and Against The Stream.

  • Shane Hill
    Shane Hill
    Community Facilitator

    Shane Hill is a clinical psychologist, mindfulness teacher, and community facilitator at ISC. He has been practicing Vipassana/Insight Meditation since 1985, has studied and trained in both Theravadan and Tibetan Buddhism, has been trained by Bob Stahl (ISC Guiding Teacher) in MBSR and community facilitation, and is an on-going student of the Suttas and of Life, the greatest moment-to-moment dhamma teacher of all. Shane co-facilitates the Rainbow Sangha sits and periodically leads various half-days and practice series from a blend of Buddhist and western psychology wisdom.




Dec 14 2021


Pacific Time
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Rainbow Sangha Sit – 2nd Tuesday

The Rainbow Sangha group offers a safer space for individuals who identify as queer, non-binary, transgender, lesbian, bisexual, trans*, gay, intersex, questioning, and others who identify outside of cisgender, heterosexual mainstream culture.  We come together to meditate and explore the intersection of Buddhist teachings and LGBTQNBI+ issues.  Our usual format includes meditation, a Dhamma talk, discussion, and social time with tea and snacks. This group is open to those who are new or experienced with meditation.

Online Meeting ID: 266 553 821

Dial-in Password: 465081

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