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  • Jill Hyman
    Jill Hyman

    Jill Hyman has practiced yoga since 1974, Vipassana meditation with ISC since 2000. Her practice is influenced by the Thai Forest tradition (Ajahn Sumedho, Ajhan Amaro, and Ajahn Pasanno), Dzogchen (Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Anam Thubten), the many teachers from Spirit Rock & IMS, and especially Shinzen Young (Vipassana Support Institute). She has served as a volunteer chaplain at Salinas Valley State Prison since 2001, heading the Prison Project program with Bruce since 2003. She completed the 2 & 1/2 year Spirit Rock Community Dhamma Leader Program in January 2008. She teaches classes for beginners, those new to practice, metta, non-residential and residential retreats. She established the first family program. More recently, she has mentored new teachers.

  • Bruce Hyman
    Bruce Hyman

    Bruce Hyman is a retired physician after 30 years of practice. He has practiced yoga and meditation since 1974 and has been intensively involved in Buddhist practice since 2000. In addition, he has been a co-leader of a dhamma Prison Project program at Salinas Valley State Prison since 2003. His practice is influenced by the Thai Forest Tradition, Dzogchen, Shinzen Young, and Spirit Rock teachers. His teachings emphasize practice in life.


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May 19 2024


Pacific Time
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Prison: Finding Freedom Inside and Out

This program will be a unique opportunity to hear from a few returning citizens from the California State Prison system about their journey, their practice, and what supported them and led to their release from prison.

As part of the discussion, we will hear about the Boundless Freedom Project, BFP, which offers programs for incarcerated men and women, in both Buddhism and secular mindfulness throughout the state. BFP also helps with employment for those released.

Local teachers Jill and Bruce Hyman will facilitate the discussion. Jill and Bruce have been teaching in the Prison since 2001.  They immediately signed on after Richard Shankman, a senior ISC (Vipassana Santa Cruz) teacher,  led the 18 month approval process to establish a Buddhist program at Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) in 2000.

Selfless service is an important aspect of Buddhist practice.

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