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  • Ajahn Ñāniko
    Ajahn Ñāniko
    Visiting Teacher to Insight Santa Cruz

    Ajahn Ñāniko was born and raised in California. In 2001 at the age of twenty, he visited Abhayagiri and decided to request anagarika ordination, novice training in 2002, and ordination as a bhikkhu (monk) in 2003. He received his basic training from Luang Por Pasanno and Luang Por Amaro at Abhayagiri, and has also spent over six years training in Thailand. He is now serving as abbot of Abhayagiri since June 2020.


Oct 21 2023


Pacific Time
9:00 am - 4:30 pm



Practicing Compassion with Ajahn Ñāniko (from Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery)

Compassion, or karuna in Pāli, is an important foundational quality for our Dhamma practice. It helps us to nurture feelings of empathy for others, and is an antidote to thoughts of wanting to harm others. Meditation that has compassion as its motivation can produce a fullness of heart, as it gives rise to energy and wholesome states of well being.

Join us on Sat. Oct. 21 for an opportunity to spend a day with Ajahn Ńāniko, abbot of Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery. (Abhayagiri means Fearless Mountain)  It’s a joy to bring him to ISC for this special on-line offering.  It follows a tradition of connection since 2002, when Ajahn Amaro led a daylong retreat in Aptos Village Park.

Whatever thoughts or ideas you might hold about monastic life and the monks themselves is most likely incorrect.  They are ordinary folks who devote themselves fully to practice, alone and in community, in formal practice and with the everyday tasks of maintaining, building, updating the work of the land and buildings. The teachings are always offered freely, a gift to all.

During the daylong, Taking the precepts, chanting, sitting, walking, observing the meal offering (before the break),hearing a dharma talk and time for Q and A.

Questions? Feel free to contact Jill or Bruce ( jbhyman@earthlink.net)

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