Teachers and Dharma Leaders

  • Kim Allen
    Kim Allen

    Kim Allen has been practicing Insight meditation since 2003 and has trained intensively in the US and Asia. Trained by Gil Fronsdal, she now teaches at Insight Santa Cruz and also offers classes and retreats around the Bay Area and farther afield. Dedicated to a contemplative life of study and practice, she draws from a background in science, meditation, and creativity to offer classical Dhamma in a modern context. Her education includes a Ph.D. in physics and a master’s degree in environmental and social sustainability.

  • Dawn Neal
    Dawn Neal
    Guiding Teacher

    Dawn Neal, Guiding Teacher of Insight Santa Cruz, has devoted several years to silent retreat. She has an MA in Theravāda Buddhist studies, and professional experience as an interfaith spiritual care counselor (chaplain). Her practice includes ordaining in Burma, where she was authorized to teach Buddhist practice through the lens of Mettā.
    Dawn has been teaching meditation since 2010. She serves as a teacher at IMC, and as core faculty for the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies Online Chaplaincy Training. She is also in the final stages of Dharma Teacher training with Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella. For her wider teaching activities, please see http://www.liberatingdharma.org/teaching-schedule.


ͺInsight Retreat Center
1906 Glen Canyon Rd, Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Jun 29 2024


Pacific Time
9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Special Events

Outdoor Daylong retreat at Insight Retreat Center

Please join Dawn Neal and Kim Allen for this special summer daylong retreat. It will be held on the beautiful Redwood Deck at Insight Retreat Center.

The day will feature lightly guided meditation instructions and periods of silent sitting and walking, as well as short Dharma reflections by the teachers. A limited number of practice discussions will be available.

Please bring your own lunch (lunch is not provided). The refrigerator and microwave are available inside. Tea and tea and hot water are available all day.

Also recommended: layers, sunscreen, water bottle, and preferred sitting gear (some chairs and basic zabutons and zafus will be available).

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