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  • Carol Morgan
    Carol Morgan
    Community Facilitator

    Carol has been a student of the dharma at Insight Santa Cruz since 2009, following training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. She has attended many retreats and dharma programs since then, most recently completing training as a Community Dharma Facilitator in 2019. She served on the board from 2012-2015 and has been the volunteer coordinator since 2013. “For me, it is always about bringing mindful awareness with me up off the cushion and out into all the moments of my daily life.” Since 2018 she has enjoyed sharing the responsibility of facilitating the New To Practice group and several half daylongs.


Oct 28 2020


Pacific Time
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm



New to Practice – Wednesdays October 7-28

During the weeks in October, we will learn about the Brahmaviharas. These four heart opening practices are often translated as the “heavenly abodes”. They are considered very important Buddhist practices and, it is said, they are where the enlightened ones reside. We will explore Loving Kindness (Pali-metta), Compassion (karuna), Sympathetic Joy (mudita), and Equanimity (upekkha), both with words and guided practices.

All are welcome as we cultivate the heart practices together for ourselves and for each other.

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