Teacher or Dharma Leader

  • Shane Hill
    Shane Hill
    Community Dharma Leader

    Shane Hill is a clinical psychologist, mindfulness teacher, and community facilitator at ISC. He has been practicing Vipassana/Insight Meditation since 1985, has studied and trained in both Theravadan and Tibetan Buddhism, has been trained by Bob Stahl (ISC Guiding Teacher) in MBSR and community facilitation, and is an on-going student of the Suttas and of Life, the greatest moment-to-moment dhamma teacher of all. Shane co-facilitates the Rainbow Sangha sits and periodically leads various half-days and practice series from a blend of Buddhist and western psychology wisdom.


Nov 04 2023


Pacific Time
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Special Events

Meditating with Insight-Oriented Art – Saturday

This event is an immersive experience with Meditative Minimalist Landscape Paintings. People will have a chance to sit in front of their chosen meditative painting and use the painting as an anchor of focus to start or to have eyes open throughout their meditation. A series of paintings will be placed throughout the meditation hall with meditation cushions in front of them while meditative bell music will be playing softly in the background. The paintings were created to facilitate meditation and expansion of awareness for the viewer.  All were painted by Shane Hill from his practice experience on long retreats. You can view them on-line at http://www.shanehillart.com. Feel free to attend one or both practice periods Nov 3 or 4, led by Shane, an ISC Community Dhamma Leader.

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