Teachers and Facilitators

  • G Schulz
    G Schulz

    G Schulz began practicing insight meditation in 2003 after attending his first retreat in Thailand. Looking for a spiritual home, he became involved with ISC shortly after his return to Santa Cruz. G has participated in many retreats since 2003, both at home and abroad. He has also completed a teacher training program led by Bob Stahl, the Noble Path Program led by Carla Brennan and the Spirit Rock Dedicated Practitioner Program. G is currently participating in the Spirit Rock Advanced Practitioner program.

  • Karen Zelin
    Karen Zelin

    Karen Zelin has been a student and teacher of meditation since the mid-1990s when she began practicing and teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs. She has served as Chair of ISC’s Board of Directors and as a member of ISC’s Program Committee. She trained at Spirit Rock in the Mindfulness & Yoga Certification program, and ISC’s teacher development program with Bob Stahl. She has teamed with ISC teachers to offer daylongs on Mindfulness & Yoga, Mindfulness & Anxiety, and a Day of Practice. She is currently teaching ISC’s Beginners Meditation Class. Besides teaching meditation and mindfulness, Karen also teaches yoga in Santa Cruz and is co-owner of Yoga Within Studio in Aptos Village.

  • Kim Allen
    Kim Allen

    Kim Allen has been practicing Insight meditation since 2003 and has trained intensively in the US and Asia. Trained by Gil Fronsdal, she now teaches at Insight Santa Cruz and also offers classes and retreats around the Bay Area and farther afield. Dedicated to a contemplative life of study and practice, she draws from a background in science, meditation, and creativity to offer classical Dhamma in a modern context. Her education includes a Ph.D. in physics and a master’s degree in environmental and social sustainability.

  • Marcy Reynolds
    Marcy Reynolds

    Marcy Reynolds joined Insight Santa Cruz in 1997. She began her meditation training at Tassajara Zen Center in 1984 with Katherine Thanas and in 1995 began studying with Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, who continues as her root teacher, even though her primary practice focuses on Vipassana and Metta. In recent years, her practice and teaching have been strongly influenced by the work of Shinzen Young. In addition to sitting meditation, Marcy also has a strong Qigong practice and has studied with a number of Chinese and American Qigong Masters, notably Bingkun Hu, who continues to act as her guiding teacher in Qigong. Marcy has taught Qigong since 1997. Her classes emphasize mindfulness of the body through both movement and stillness. In addition to teaching at Insight Santa Cruz, Marcy teaches qigong movement and mindfulness meditation throughout the Santa Cruz and South SF Bay Areas. She also teaches for the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View.


Jun 01 2021


Pacific Time
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Heart and Mind in Harmony Retreat.

As we learn and practice the Dhamma, it begins to “soak into” our body, heart, and mind. It changes the way we see, act, and live. In this retreat, we will explore how the Dhamma both purifies and strengthens the heart and mind, such that our life feels more harmonious, and we become a refuge for others. Peace is possible.

The daylongs on Monday, May 31st, and June 5th, Saturday, focus on calm and insight – deepening our understanding of the mind and its release into freedom. The weekday mornings, Tuesday through Friday, include movement and/or meditation. The weekday evenings focus on the cultivation of heart qualities. There will be guided and silent meditations, teachings, and time for Q&A and practice discussion.

The “sandwich retreat” format is compatible with seclusion or with work. Either way, you are encouraged to hold the whole week as a time of focused practice, including simplifying your communications and activities.

Registration Required for the retreat. Please click here

To participate, please attend both daylongs and at least two weeknights. The teachings will unfold over the course of the whole week. For assistance, please contact Kim Allen.

Retreat Schedule:

DayDateStart TimeEnd TimeLeader
MondayMay 3110:00 AM3:30 PMKim Allen
TuesdayJune 18:00 AM8:45 AMKaren Zelin
TuesdayJune 17:00 PM8:00 PMKim Allen
WednesdayJune 211:00 AM12:15 PMKaren Zelin
WednesdayJune 27:00 PM8:00 PMKim Allen
ThursdayJune 38:00 AM8:45 AMMarcy Reynolds
ThursdayJune 37:00 PM8:00 PMKim Allen
FridayJune 48:00 AM8:45 AMG Schulz
FridayJune 47:00 PM8:00 PMKim Allen
SaturdayJune 510:00 AM3:30 PMKim Allen

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