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  • Tiffany Wong
    Tiffany Wong

    Tiffany Wong, MFA, is an instructor at UCSC where she teaches courses on mindfulness, creativity, and ecology. She leads a Watsonville Insight Meditation group and is empowered by Bob Stahl to share the dharma. She has done monastery practice with Laung Por Pasanno at the Abhayagiri Monastery and with Thanissaro Bhikkhu at the Metta Forest Monastery. She recently received a contemplative fellowship from the Hemera Foundation for her work as an educator that supports initiatives that foster basic human goodness in individuals and society.


Jan 03 2021


Pacific Time
9:30 am - 1:30 pm



Four Guardian Meditations – January 3

In times of uncertainty; with disease, natural disasters, social and political unrest; it makes sense that we might turn to our practice for protection. In the teachings of the Buddha, there is a set of four meditations that may not necessarily protect you from illness or external turmoil but can be used for grounding and guarding yourself against acting upon unskillful intentions. These four protective meditations are the Recollection of the Buddha, Good Will, Contemplation of the Body, and Mindfulness of Death. This diverse collection of practices is meant to be an antidote to discouragement/nihilism, anger, lust, and laziness/heedlessness. Where the practices converge is with the importance of being skillful with the power of one’s intention.

Join us for this half-daylong of practice with the four guardian meditations.

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