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  • Kara Haney
    Kara Haney
    Community Teacher

    Kara has been practicing meditation and studying Buddhism since 1993 and has been leading Vipassana meditation since 1996. Kara practices the fifth precept of full renunciation from intoxicants and has twenty-five years sober. In 2013 she assisted in starting Buddhist recovery groups in Santa Cruz and has been a foundational member and mentor for the community. Kara attends multiple silent Vipassana retreats each year, has been empowered to teach by Bob Stahl, trained to facilitate Mindfulness and Buddhist meditation through the former Against the Stream Meditation Society, and is currently in the Dharmacharya teacher training with Venerable Pannavati. Kara teaches weekly meditation groups and daylong retreats at Insight Santa Cruz. She enjoys tea, cemeteries, new wave, jigsaw puzzles, and is completing a master’s degree in Social Work. Kara lives in downtown Santa Cruz.



Jan 09 2022


Pacific Time
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Fierce Hearts – Sundays

Fierce Hearts is a meditation group for those upon the rebellious path of turning into experience and meeting it with the heart.

We gather every week to meditate, discuss the teachings of the Buddha (Dhamma), and practice transforming greed, hatred, and delusion by way of the heart.

This group includes a 30-minute meditation followed by Dhamma talk and discussion, which is centered on the Buddha’s teaching of the mind’s tendencies and finding freedom in the here and now.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, experience, race, sexuality, or gender expression.

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