Teachers and Facilitators

  • Bruce Hyman
    Bruce Hyman

    Bruce Hyman is a retired physician after 30 years of practice. He has practiced yoga and meditation since 1974 and has been intensively involved in Buddhist practice since 2000. In addition, he has been a co-leader of a dhamma Prison Project program at Salinas Valley State Prison since 2003. His practice is influenced by the Thai Forest Tradition, Dzogchen, Shinzen Young, and Spirit Rock teachers. His teachings emphasize practice in life.

  • Jace Freyman
    Jace Freyman

    Jace Freyman, MHRS, is a trans-identified Dharma practitioner. They’ve been a sangha member and dedicated volunteer at Insight Santa Cruz for the past three years. They completed a year-long community facilitator training program under Bob Stahl, and have been mentored by teachers G Schulz and Kim Allen.


Online (originally Community Room)


Oct 21 2020


Pacific Time
7:00 pm - 8:45 pm



Dhamma Friends: Undoing Patriarchy – 3rd Wednesdays

The Undoing Patriarchy (formally Men’s group) is a space where male-identified people who have a mindfulness practice can share experiences, and come together to better understand the experience of being men. Using the lens of Dhamma, we’ll bring in resources like books and articles to more clearly see our familial and cultural conditioning (patriarchy, etc.). With mindfulness and meditation, we’ll practice meeting our experiences with kind awareness, allowing us to come into a healthier relationship with our male-ness, and touching into greater freedom and love for ourselves and for all others. Meetings include both meditation and a dhamma talk/discussion.  

All male-identified people are welcome.

Online Meeting ID: 852 7162 6789

Dial-in Password: 655084

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