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  • Ajahn Pasanno
    Ajahn Pasanno
    Guiding Elder and Visiting Teacher to Insight Santa Cruz

    Ajahn Pasanno took ordination in Thailand in 1974 with Venerable Phra Khru Ñāṇasirivatana as a preceptor. During his first year as a monk, he was taken by his teacher to meet Ajahn Chah, with whom he asked to be allowed to stay and train. One of the early residents of Wat Pah Nanachat, Ajahn Pasanno became its abbot in his ninth year. During his incumbency, Wat Pah Nanachat developed considerably, both in physical size and reputation. Spending 24 years living in Thailand, Ajahn Pasanno became a well-known and highly respected monk and Dhamma teacher. He moved to California on New Year’s Eve of 1997 to share the abbotship of Abhayagiri with Ajahn Amaro. In 2010 Ajahn Amaro accepted an invitation to serve as abbot of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England, leaving Ajahn Pasanno to serve as sole abbot of Abhayagiri for the next eight years. In spring of 2018, Ajahn Pasanno stepped back from the role of abbot, leaving the monastery for a year-long retreat overseas. Though he plans on returning after this time to continue as an anchor of wisdom and guidance for the community, the monastery will remain in coming years under the active leadership of co-abbots Ajahn Karuṇadhammo and Ajahn Ñāniko.


Oct 10 2020


Pacific Time
9:00 am - 4:30 pm



A day with Ajahn Pasanno – October 10

Fear in the Time of Covid 19

Many of us experience fear, anxiety, worry, and uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic. That fear may easily lead to increased discomfort and stress.

Is it possible to make use of Buddhist practice to establish more balance, more equanimity with the real or perceived challenges that face us? How can we manage to do this without ignoring or pushing away both the challenges and our fearful reactions?

Join us for a day of teachings with Laung Por Pasanno. This will be a privileged opportunity to connect with a humorous, wise, and learned monastic.

There will be periods of sitting, walking, dharma talks, Q & A.

Ajahn Pasanno is past abbot and current Venerated Elder of Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery. He brings his quiet humor, humility, and decades of living as a monastic in Thailand and the US to his teachings.

We are so very lucky to have a monastic presence here in Santa Cruz. These are the devoted practitioners who bring the teachings to life and light.

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