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ΞMeditation Hall


Aug 07 2022


Pacific Time
9:30 am - 10:15 am



45-Minute Sitting Followed by a Short Reading – Sundays

Weekly 45 minute meditation with some guidance in the Insight Buddhist tradition, finishing with a short metta practice, followed by a short reading.

Please return to the calendar to join an online session or learn of any schedule updates.

Attend either online or in person at the Meditation Center

Online Attendance Instructions:

Online Meeting ID: 978 4531 5948

Dial-in Passcode: 165835

Join online by clicking the Join Online button or calling +1-669-900-6833 US (San Jose) followed by the Online Meeting ID number and #. If a passcode is requested, then enter the Dial-in Passcode and #. Find your local number by clicking here. The preferred way to join is by using a Zoom application with your personal Zoom account.

Onsite Attendance Instructions:

Onsite attendees must have submitted their vaccination record to ISC. If you have not already, submit yours here. The vaccination record will be verified and only needs to be submitted once. Please bring an N95/KN95 mask. Admittance is first come first served. Please come early to avoid congestion in the entryway.

The following displayed information is for event planning and hosting (participants should ignore):