Dhamma Friends Event Request submittal

Sangha members can request organizing Dhamma Friends groups, programs, and events based on the following conditions & guidelines:

  • The sangha member is already known to Insight Santa Cruz teachers and has been practicing regularly at Insight Santa Cruz for at least one year.
  • Dhamma Friends groups are “Peer/Sangha-led” meaning that they are not “teacher or facilitator” led.
  • Dhamma Friends groups most often meet offsite at other locations such as people’s homes. Dhamma Friends group programs or events can be hosted at ISC as long as space is not needed for thematic classes or any other events.
  • When Dhamma Friends groups, programs, or events are offered at ISC, a dana talk should be included to invite participants to contribute to the general fund for the use of the sangha’s facility. Since Dhamma Friends groups are not “teacher or facilitator” led but instead “Peer/Sangha-led”, dana should be restricted to the general fund.
  • To suggest a group, program, or event, please fill out the form below which asks for a one-paragraph summary of the event and other information. You will be contacted by a coordinator.

Submitting this form will notify others of an upcoming Dhamma Friends Event. Complete this form with information about your event and it will be sent to the Program Committee for review.

Any other contact information
If an agreement has not been provided, instructions will be provided after submitting this online form.
One or two paragraphs describing the event
Provide the initial events start date and time.
Pick the first event's day of the week. Recurring dates will be on the same day of the week.
How long is an event in hours and minutes?
Pick the repeating frequency
Please refer to the notes at the top of this page concerning the use of the sangha's location.
Provide registration requirements