Can we be together outside?

Dear Sangha,
I’ve been participating in a lot of zooms- class, event, retreat, and want to express that I just want to be in actual physical proximity to people in my sangha again. Once in awhile? Sometimes? Could we meet in a park ? I expressed this to one teacher recently, who may look into it. When I saw the notice re Oct 2 all day with Abayaghiri monk, I got excited and then noticed that it would be on zoom. Yes, better than not having it, for sure! I agree that we need to keep each other safe and be responsible as a community, and also have heard other organizations have continued with a variety of strategies, such as limited attendance, indoor masking, a reservation system, and holding meetings outside on their property. Perhaps meeting in a park is not feasible as an organization? I want to ask if the board has looked into it as an option?
Thanks in advance for your response, Sylvia