Providing a refuge in the heart of Santa Cruz

Susan Ezequelle

Saturday, Aug 27
9:00am – 12:00pm PT
In Center & Online

When we are unaware of the fluidity of all life experience it’s easy to get caught. We find ourselves trying to hold on to the experiences we identify with as me and mine. The teachings on the Aggregates, or skhandhas, help to open our eyes to the ever-changing flow of human experience. When we see the truth of this we gain freedom from grasping and clinging. We are more in tune with how things really are. This half day retreat will offer teachings, discussion, and time for meditation and reflection on the Five Aggregates, the building blocks of all human experience.

4 Tuesdays, Sep 13 – Oct 4 (+ half-day)
6:30pm – 8:00pm PT

This offering is a “Walking the Dhamma Path” class series, taught in three units that explores foundational teachings of the Buddha. In Unit 2, we will focus on exploring the Buddha’s teaching on establishing mindfulness from the sutta on “The Four Foundations of Mindfulness”

Sep 13 – Mindfulness of the Body
Sep 20 – Mindfulness of Feeling Tone | Jan Landry
Sep 27 – Mindfulness of the Mind | Tiffany Wong
Oct 4 – Mindfulness of the Dhammas
Oct 8, 9am – 12pm – half-day retreat

Weekly Drop in: New to Practice

Carol Morgan

6:30pm – 7:45pm PT
In Center & Online

New To Practice is a weekly drop-in offered for those new to Buddhism, or for those who wish to develop and deepen their practice. We will explore how to integrate practice as part of our daily life and work with obstacles to practice as they arise. Carol Morgan leads this month’s New to Practice.

Daily Schedule

2022 August