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Featured Event

Guiding Teacher Transition Ceremony

Plan to attend the online Guiding Teacher Transition Ceremony on December 11th at 2:00 pm. This will be just the second Guiding Teacher transition since Insight Santa Cruz was founded by Mary Grace Orr. We will celebrate our decade with Bob Stahl and welcome JD Doyle as the new Guiding Teacher. The event includes talks, blessings, chants, and a candle ceremony. Check for more information, including how to join online. All are welcome.

Meeting the Moment

It is through Annual Fund Appeal donations, at all levels, that our donors help keep ISC’s offerings available to all. To make a pledge or donation to the annual fund, or for more information, click on the thermometer. Please click here to read Bob’s special letter.

New to Practice

Bill Culman

New to Practice in November will be led by Bill Culman. The topics for this month are the Four Noble Truths, Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Three Marks of Existence and Meditation and Science.

Daily Schedule

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