Providing a refuge in the heart of Santa Cruz

Join Jasmina Porter and Bob Stahl on May 28th for the day with the Meditation Practice of the 4 Elements. In times like these where there is so much suffering, the practice of connecting and ultimately interconnecting with the earth (solidity) air (motion), fire (temperature), and water (fluidity) can be an important resource and refuge.

IMPORTANT: Due to rising COVID infections this half-day event will be held only online.

JD Doyle

Join JD in their weekly drop-in group, Bringing the Practice to Life – Thursdays, that focuses on bringing our Buddhist practice fully into our lives. This sit is available onsite and online. Review onsite attendance requirements here.

Other events are available onsite. These include Tuesday Noon sit, People of Color, and Rainbow Sanga. Check this calendar for everything available onsite.

New to Practice

Bill Culman

New To Practice is offered for those new to Buddhism, or for those who wish to develop and deepen their practice. We will explore how to integrate practice as part of our daily life and work with obstacles to practice as they arise. Susan Ezequelle leads April’s New to Practice series.

Daily Schedule

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