About Insight Santa Cruz

Insight Santa Cruz Mission Statement

The mission of Insight Santa Cruz is to support anyone interested in the path of awakening and liberation through mindfulness and loving-kindness.

To support this mission, Insight Santa Cruz offers a variety of classes and practice opportunities that help cultivate wisdom and compassion inspired from the Theravada Buddhist Tradition.

Insight Santa Cruz teachers provide guidance, support, and inspiration to develop:

  • Integrity (ethical living)
  • Steadiness of mind (concentration)
  • Insight into the causes of suffering and the path to freedom (wisdom)

Insight Santa Cruz and its teachers charge no fees and are solely sustained through generosity and volunteer support. This model of service and generosity “awakens and gladdens” the heart, and has deep roots in ancient Buddhism.

Our Teacher

The current guiding teacher is Bob Stahl. Bob is a long-time practitioner of insight meditation who lived in a Buddhist monastery for over eight years. He now directs Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs in Bay Area medical centers. Bob is also a husband and a father of two sons. Our founding teacher, Mary Grace Orr, has practiced Vipassana meditation since 1983; prior to that, she followed western contemplative practices. She worked as a therapist from 1977 to 1995. She was trained to teach meditation by Jack Kornfield, of Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Board of Directors

The governance of Insight Santa Cruz is coordinated by a Board of Directors, including the guiding teacher. We conduct our business through consensus, encouraging diverse points of view. We seek the balance of the “middle way” between structure and non-structure as we make organizational decisions.

Please feel free to contact any Board member in person, by email or by phone. Send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required to reach the entire board.

Bob Stahl, Guiding Teacher










Linda Kittle

Linda Kittle, President








Bill Culman

Bill Culman, Vice President









Michael Neeley

Michael Neeley, Previous President








Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan










Rishard (Aryeh) Nanas

Rishard (Aryeh) Nanas









Heidi Troutner

Heidi Troutner








Mary Reynolds

Mary Reynolds












Peter Weng

Peter Weng












Other board members not pictured

Maggie Collins, Treasurer.


Curt Coleman


Aldo Gonzalez


Bernice Moore


Insight Santa Cruz has a beautiful meditation center at 1010 Fair Avenue in Santa Cruz.

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