Fierce Hearts

Fierce Hearts is a meditation group for those upon the rebellious path of turning into experience and meeting it with the heart.

We gather every week to meditate, discuss the teachings of the Buddha (Dharma), and practice transforming greed, hatred, and delusion by way of the heart.

This group includes a 30-minute guided sit followed by discussion; which is centered on the Buddha’s teaching of the mind’s tendencies and finding freedom in the here and now.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, experience, race, sexuality or gender expression.

Date: Sundays

Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Location: Insight Santa Cruz, Meditation Hall

Cost: Dana (donation)

How to Register: No registration required

Facilitator: Kara Haney

Kara has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1993. She has completed Gil Fronsdal’s online Sutta Study course and The Eightfold Path Course taught at ISC. She is also currently in training to facilitate Mindfulness and Buddhist meditation through the Against the Stream Meditation Society.

Everyone Welcome.