FAQs about ISC new location

Parking description:
The large Trader Joe’s / CVS parking lot is free with a 2-hour restriction.
They do tow cars if parked longer than 2 hours, so be aware of this.

The much smaller Galleria parking lot on the other side of the building is free with no time limit.
There is a large, multi-story city parking lot right next to the Galleria lot ($1.00 for up to two hours, $5 daily maximum). There are parking meters on the streets.

Carpooling – Look for a list at the Center for those who would like to carpool. Interested carpoolers can provide information about their needs and the ISC programs they frequent. A volunteer will help to connect those who would like rides with those who are willing to drive.

Escorts – For those who are not quite sure about their comfort level walking alone downtown, there will opportunity to request escort to your car at evening sits.

Bike Storage:
ISC does not have indoor bike storage.  We suggest public bike lockers for the highest level of security.  All bicycle lockers in Santa Cruz require the use of a ParkCard.

For Bicycle Locker usage and ParkCard information please click on the following:


The following video begins with use of the ParkCard at a parking meter, then continues to show use of the ParkCard with a bike locker:

At the River/Front parking garage there are eight bike lockers. The other closest bike lockers:

  • 19 lockers at the Cedar/Church St. garage
  • 16 lockers at the Locust St. garage
  • 20 lockers at City Hall


Bus– Santa Cruz Metro is 3 blocks from the center.  You can plan your trip from your home to the center on the following we https://scmtd.com/en/routes/schedules