2016 Friday Night Insight: Conversations About Mindfulness and Dharma in the World

The vision: To bring people together to learn, reflect and discuss the contemporary applications of mindfulness, and to better understand its roots in the Dharma. Mindfulness is a practice that brings moment-to-moment awareness into the workings of the body and mind. It has become very popular because of its contributions into medicine, healthcare, psychology, education, business, and government. Mindfulness practices arise out of the Dharma – the Buddhist teachings – which at heart pertain to understanding suffering, its causes, and the path to living with greater freedom and peace.

Each Friday Night discussion will feature different speakers and invite the community to explore into topics such as: Food and Animals, Prison Life, Business, Social Services, Education, Health, Psychology, Aging, Science, and other aspects of our life.

We’ll sit together, learn together, and have the opportunity to engage in conversation. (And of course, eat together!) We will inquire into mindfulness and its ability to offer insights, compassion, relief from suffering, and the cultivation of more skillful and peaceful living.

There will be time for snacks and connecting with the community from 7:00pm-9:30pm.
Please bring a vegetarian snack to share.

Event Dates: Fridays – Jan 15, Feb 12, Mar 4, Apr 15, May 20, June 17,
July 15, Aug 12, Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 11, Dec 16

Event Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Cost: There is no charge, dana accepted.

How to Register: No registration required

Location: Insight Santa Cruz – 115 River Street South   Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

Event Teachers / Speakers: We have invited people from the wider mindfulness and Dharma communities in addition to the Insight Santa Cruz sangha.

Jan 15: John Moir – Environmental Dharma
Feb 12: Jason Murphy – Mindfulness and Teen Anger
Mar 4: Beth Riley – Mindfulness and Our Bodies: Who are we anyway?
Apr 15: Robert Cusick – Compassion Cultivation
May 20: Andrea Castillo – Dharma in Our Mother Tongue
June 17: Liz Powell – Mindfulness and Dharma to Children
July 15: Susan Ezequelle – Hospital Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care
Aug 12: Patrick Teverbaugh – The Zen of Counter-Transference
Sept 16: John Astin – Songs of Rememberance
Oct 21: Dawn Neal – Healing Applications of Metta
Nov 11: Bob Stahl, Bruce Hyman, and Dan Landry – Veterans and Their Families
Dec 16: Vicki Assegued – Mindfulness and Anger Management

Everyone Welcome.